The interplay between music, text and the visual is central to much of my work. Klee's ideas on movement have been one touchstone, as have Kandinsky's writings on form and colour.

The relationship between different cultures - how they clash, share space and adapt - fascinates me, and in the novel Advitiya I explore the complexity of relations between East and West, and the astonishingly absorptive power of a civilisation such as India's.

I have also recently come to enjoy the freedom of writing from the perspective of an animal consciousness, which permits a distance from the usual human markers. I do this in both Sea Snail King and, in a quite different way, in Advitiya.

B.A. (Hons) English and Comparative American Studies, University of Warwick M.A. Writing the Visual (2007), Norwich School of Art and Design (now NUCA) Offering in Green commended by Escalator Award Panel, New Writing Partnership


Paul Klee
Fish magic 1925, 85
Oil and watercolour on muslin on cardboard (77 x 98,3 cm) Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection
© DACS, London 2008